An Outside Voice Can Bring a Fresh Perspective …

I’d love to be a fresh voice for your organization, team, church, or your next event. Here are just a few categories and topics I’m glad to share with you; let me know how I can help out!


  • Healthy Leadership
  • The Power of Identity
  • Finding and Defending Your Rhythm
  • The Power of Planning for Your Life
  • Personal Mission, Vision, and Values


  • Conferences
  • Discipleship Events
  • Men’s Events and Retreats
  • Supply Preaching


  • Building a Healthy Culture
  • Leading Together While Serving Apart
  • The Power of Planning for Your Organization
  • Mission, Vision, Values for your Organization

I’m always happy to learn and teach on new and needed topics. If you have a topic you’d like me to speak on, send it my way!